Massage Benefits:
Results orientated massage therapy has proven significantly beneficial for a host of bodily ills and the word is out! The trend toward utilizing massage’s healing properties has, without question, rubbed off on those seeking restoration and remedy.

Cupping Massage
The cups are moved throughout the massage. Benefits are achieved in a shorter time, drawing blood from arteries to capularies. Blood supply is brought up to skin to provide nourishment & clear toxins.
$45 (30 min)
Flash Cupping
Stationary cupping "Flash Cupping" can cause possible bruising. This is where the cup is parked in stubborn area, brings stagmentation up to stimulate & nourish tissue. Can be done alone or in addition to a regular massage.
$35 (20 min)
Therapeutic Massage
Ideal for an active lifestyle. A combination of Swedish & Deep Tissue.
$50 (30 min)
$80 (60 min)
$125 (90 min)
Deep Tissue Massage
Fantastic for injuries and pain; concentration on one specific area in addition to the full body massage.
$55 (30 min)
$95 (60 min)
$135 (90 min)
Swedish Massage
A very soothing and relaxing experience.
$45 (30 min)
$75 (60 min)
$95 (90 min)
Hot Stone Massage
Offers a warm and deeply relaxing massage.
$120 (60 min)
Pregnancy Massage
This is a supremely relaxing massage to reduce muscle spasm and muscle pulling. Swedish techniques help increase your circulation and reduce swelling or stress. Pillows are used to support your body and create the ultimate tranquil experience for the pregnant woman. Second and third trimester only.
Sheer Bliss
This 90 minute session begins with a 60 minute massage geared toward your specific needs, aches and pains. Then settle in for 30 min of foot reflexology to continue de-stressing. Reflexology works specific points that relate to the entire body and soothes tired achy feet. Take time for yourself and feel The Sheer Bliss of self-care and stress relief!/em>
$120 (90 min)
Aromatherapy Massage
This is a Swedish massage combined with essential oils to indulge your senses. The fragrance of the essential oils and the power of touch soothe the mind and body.
$50 (30 min)
$80 (60 min)