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Mini Facial
This treatment is an introduction to the facial services and ideal for those on the run! Designed to cleanse, tone, and moisturize your skin.
Spa Facial
Indulge yourself with this cleansing yet relaxing treatment. A moisturizing massage and specialized masque will improve, normalize and revitalize your skin.
Deep Cleansing Facial
A monthly must! This individually formulated treatment combines exfoliating plant enzymes to lift and remove skin impurities. This facial unclogs pores while leaving your skin fresh and smooth.
Aromatherapy Facial
A deep pore cleansing treatment using calming aromatherapy oils. The aromas from the plants and flowers fill the room and take you on a relaxing journey.
Microcurrent Facials
Microcurrent Facials are known to be the most effective, non-surgical method to take years off the face!

Citrus Deep Cleansing Facial
A combination of two favorites, this facial is individually formulated to each individual to provide deep pore cleansing using plant enzymes and essential oils. The Aroma-therapy from the plants and flowers will relax and soothe you while our highly trained staff provides the best enzyme formula to unclog and renew your skin. Enjoy the best of both facials in one with this great service.
AHA Facial
This firming and hydrating facial uses vegetable collagen and hyaluronic acid to promote skin firmness and suppleness. This treatment is designed for dry, dehydrated, or aging skin.
Citrus AHA Facial
Get ready for Spring with our new Citrus AHA Renewal Facial. Rid yourself of tired skin with this one-of-a-kind facial that combines both aromatherapy and deep exfoliation. Prep your face for warmer weather by refreshing your skin and your senses.
Men's Grooming Facial
A deep cleansing, along with pressure point massage, helps to promote new cell growth, improve circulation and soften the skin.
Acne Facial
A therapeutic acne treatment designed for both adult and teen problem skin. This facial sterilizes acne bacteria, reduces clogged pores and inhibits excessive oil production. At home, use of Rejuvi’s acne products are highly recommended.
Back Facial
A deep cleansing, yet relaxing treatment for a delicate area that is just out of your reach.
Collagen Facial
This firming and hydrating facial uses vegetable collagen and hyaluronic acid to promote skin firmness and suppleness. This treatment is designed for dry, dehydrated or aging skin.
Hot Stone Facial
This is the ultimate relaxation for your upper body tension. During this facial, smooth, hot river stones and warm oil are massaged over your shoulders, neck, face and arms to melt away your stress and muscle tension. In addition, the heat increases micro-circulation in the skin to restore a rosy glow.
Teen Facial
This treatment is designed to help balance oil and breakouts and teach proper skin care (not designed for existing skin problems).
Vitamin C Facial
A powerful anti-aging facial using Rejuvi’s x-cell stabilized form of Vitamin C complex. Vitamin C has multiple skin benefits such as
preventing and repairing sun damage, reducing age spots and fine lines and improving overall skin tone. With daily use of x-cell Vitamin C, your skin will return to a youthful glow.
This is a non-invasive resurfacing of your skin. This facial procedure stimulates cell regeneration, restores elasticity and promotes collagen production. Rejuvi’s herbal mask and healing vitamins are used at the end of the facial to soothe, hydrate and nourish the skin. (Includes AHA Facial). *Buy a package of 3 for $390 and save $60

Cupping Massage
The cups are moved throughout the massage. Benefits are achieved in a shorter time, drawing blood from arteries to capularies. Blood supply is brought up to skin to provide nourishment & clear toxins.
$45 (30 min)
Flash Cupping
Stationary cupping "Flash Cupping" can cause possible bruising. This is where the cup is parked in stubborn area, brings stagmentation up to stimulate & nourish tissue. Can be done alone or in addition to a regular massage.
$35 (20 min)
Therapeutic Massage
Ideal for an active lifestyle. A combination of Swedish & Deep Tissue.
$50 (30 min)
$80 (60 min)
$125 (90 min)
Deep Tissue Massage
Fantastic for injuries and pain; concentration on one specific area in addition to the full body massage.
$55 (30 min)
$95 (60 min)
$135 (90 min)
Swedish Massage
A very soothing and relaxing experience.
$45 (30 min)
$75 (60 min)
$95 (90 min)
Hot Stone Massage
Offers a warm and deeply relaxing massage.
$120 (60 min)
Pregnancy Massage
This is a supremely relaxing massage to reduce muscle spasm and muscle pulling. Swedish techniques help increase your circulation and reduce swelling or stress. Pillows are used to support your body and create the ultimate tranquil experience for the pregnant woman. Second and third trimester only.
Sheer Bliss
This 90 minute session begins with a 60 minute massage geared toward your specific needs, aches and pains. Then settle in for 30 min of foot reflexology to continue de-stressing. Reflexology works specific points that relate to the entire body and soothes tired achy feet. Take time for yourself and feel The Sheer Bliss of self-care and stress relief!/em>
$120 (90 min)
Aromatherapy Massage
This is a Swedish massage combined with essential oils to indulge your senses. The fragrance of the essential oils and the power of touch soothe the mind and body.
$50 (30 min)
$80 (60 min)

Body Treatments  
Aromatherapy Wrap
A stress reducer. First, Essential Oils are gently applied to the body and next you are cocooned in a warming blanket that allows the warmth and aroma to relax you. Your body will be gently purging toxins and stress from your day.
Herbology Citrus Body Polish
A retexturizing body treatment using Chinese herbs with citrus body oil and citrus body moisturizer. This mild AHA exfoliation treatment leaves skin smooth and soft without showering.
Mudtherapy Body Treatment*
Muds have been used therapeutically since ancient times. When applied to the body, the nutrients are readily absorbed to cleanse and detoxify the impurities of the body. Upon removal, the skin is left smooth and revitalized.
Rehydrating Paraffin Body Cocoon
Your body is lightly massaged with warm jojoba oil and covered with paraffin wax which is enriched with Vitamin E. Wrapped in a cocoon of warm blankets, your dry skin is nourished back to a healthy state.
Rejuvenating Body Brushing
Considered to be a stimulating exfoliation, this body treatment will refresh you. Our technique uses dry, hand held brushes to exfoliate and rejuvenate the surface of the skin. Essential oils are then used to complete the service and your relaxation. This treatment can be done in conjunction with any body treatment.
Spa Salt Glow
Imagine returning to the skin of your youth! A combination of exfoliating sea salts and essential oils are gently applied
to your entire body removing the sun damaged and wind dried layers.

Professional Application$50 (30 min)
Make-Up Lesson$55 (60 min)
Bridal Make-Upupon consultation

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